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IntraLAN Power Supply Unit

The Right Device in the Right Place.
As a component in the IntraLAN SmartRoom Network FUSION system, the Power Supply Unit provides power and comprehensive power management through regular Cat3 phone lines. This essential function enables the smart room in older hotels without rewiring.

The IntraLAN SmartRoom Network Power Supply Unit (PSU) is strategically designed as a separate unit rather than a combination with the Voice/VDSL concentrator. This modular system design improves dependability and reduces maintenance cost.

The PSU is designed to meet the challenges of the environment. This functionality is installed in the last phone closet, often because of distance requirements, or availability of infrastructure wiring. These remote closets offer minimal environmental controls and can be limited on space. All unnecessary, non-power related functions have been purposely designed in other Smart Room Network components to minimize the impact of these less-than-ideal environmental conditions.

Smart remote monitoring and powering.
The PSU also supports Remote Network Device (RND) detection. The unit only provides power to lines that have been detected to have valid remote devices attached.

The PSU offers complete Smart monitoring, allowing the PSU to "watch dog" remote components a network. When a device in the guest room / unit goes offline, the PSU can be programmed to automatically cycle power on the RND.

The PSU also offers network interface modem power outlet at the actual device. This managed power outlet can be used to power and control a 5V device, such as a VDSL modem, to enable the PSU to be integrated into the Smart Room Network and provide remote access of the web interface, even when the device is located in remote phone closets.  This power outlet also provides a "watch dog" to aid in resetting the network connect in the event the network falls offline.

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