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IntraLAN Remote Network Device

The Business End of the SmartRoom.
The Remote Network Device (RND) is the key component to the actual SmartRoom Network and provides the Integrated Network Distribution point within the guest room or unit. The RND is the heart of the final point of distribution within the network, typically referred to as the End Distribution Facility in architecture of MDF (Main Distribution Facility) and IDF (Intermediate Distribution Facility), this device/enclosure represents the EDF (End Distribution Facility).

The EDF is a point where the network enters the location
(guest room/unit) and distributed. This facility also provides
power management, network segregation, status and
control through various components – all integrated into a
operational unit.

Smart Signal and Power Processing.
The RND "device" references the actual intelligent device in the FUSION solution that splits the power and the VDSL signals to provide power to up to four 5V devices and the voice/data signal to the VDSL modem for processing. The FUSION RND is a modular design which includes the following components:

  • A Programmable Circuit Board (PCB) with the processing to manage power signaling, distribution and the splitting of power from data
  • A modular 5 port Managed VLAN switch (remotely powered from the PSU through the infrastructure), preprogrammed to support complete segregation of all physical ports being served from the RND
  • A point-to-multiple-point VDSL modem (remotely powered from the PSU through the infrastructure) distributes the signal at 100mbps to the appropriate devices.

Additionally the FUSION RND provides power for a total of four 5V devices, two of which are utilized in the core functionality and two additional 5V power sources are available.

Optional components of the FUSION RND are similar to those of the RND for all the SmartRoom Network configurations and include, but are not limited to:

  • Larger VLAN switches - with preprogrammed VLAN tags to simplify field maintenance
  • Remote Power Management devices for supplying and controlling 120V/240V devices
  • Wireless access points such as the Jack Pack or other vendors Access Points
  • Propritary communication devices, such as wireless VoIP base stations, or vendor based technology such as mini-bar terminals.
  • ZigBee transceivers for system wide control and monitoring of ZigBee compliant devices
  • Larger components, such as Set-top boxes; etc. in the larger RND

Flexible With Trademarked Device Anchoring
One innovation in the RND is the Modular Device Retention System™. This anchoring system allows for the placement and securing of devices against the back wall of the RND to help reduce maintenance costs as well as increasing the life of the devices – accomplished by even layout of devices for more efficient distribution of heat, easier access for troubleshooting on site, and less accidental maintenance related events.


Remote Network Devices



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