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IntraLAN PSE-8 PoE w/VLAN Switch

802.3af Power and Data Switching For the SOHO Market.
IntraLAN PSE-8 Smart PoE Power Source Switch is equipped with (8) 10/100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet ports, all of which support 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE), and a 10/100BASE-T uplink port.

The PSE-8 is a valuable solution for small and medium size businesses deploying wireless networks, VoIP phone systems or requiring enhanced data security and network traffic management.

This all-in-one solution provides smart management features and Power Over Ethernet to supply power injection into 802.3af compliant devices such as:

  • VoIP phone systems of up to 8 extensions
  • Wireless access points
  • Security IP/web cameras.

Vendor Independence for Universal Support.
The PSE-8 is compatible with the IntraLAN PoE Adaptors to support all non-standard PoE devices and no-PoE hardware. This allows integrators to deliver power to remotely manage any devices in a location where a power outlet may not be available or simply to reduce installation costs.

For a typical security system, PSE-8 can provide the data and power for any web camera – even the higher-end cameras that Pan/Tilt/Zoom. Combined with IntraLAN PoE Adaptors, these cameras can receive the full 802.3af power at 15.2W required.

Smaller is Better, Better is Modular.
Even for larger commercial customers, expanding network topology/architecture may necessitate breaking out into remote network closets. In those cases, it makes sense to use multiple devices – for example, a 24 port switch for the phones, an 8 port switch for the security cameras – instead of a large, single point of failure.

8-Port PoE 10/100Mbps plus Uplink Web Smart Ethernet Switch Basics:

  • 8 x 10/100Mbps Auto-negotiation Ethernet Port
  • 10/100 Mbps Auto-negotiation Uplink Ethernet Port
  • 8 port 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Full 15.4W PoE power on all PoE ports
  • Store-and-Forward switching provides rapid rate adaptation and ensures data integrity
  • Extensive Web Management Interface provides easy access to all management functions:
    • Port based - Speed, Disable, Flow control, QoS
    • Port and Tag based VLAN
    • Tag management functions to include add/remove/modify Tags
    • PoE enable, manage and port status

IEEE 802.3af Compliant Power Source Switch.
The PSE-8 has (8) 10/100BASE-TX ports that support 802.3af PoE standard. The PSE-8 is uniquely designed to concurrently inject the full 15.4 watts of power on all 8 ports. Each port automatically detects any 802.3af compliant device and supplies the appropriate power. The PSE-8 also supports active circuit protection, which automatically disables a port if there is a short, while the other ports remain active.

Remarkably Smart and Excellent Performance.
The PSE-8 provides QoS features that are suitable for today multimedia devices. Through a Web-based interface, an administrator can set up 802.1Q VLANs to isolate traffic, 802.1p QoS to prioritize mission-critical data such as voice or video packets, and port-based trunk groups to create wide traffic pipelines.

It also provides network monitoring tools such as port mirroring. The default configuration of this switch makes installation plug & play and negotiation hassle-free while the advanced features of the PSE-8 empower the successful management of today’s networks

The PSE-8 also features diagnostic LEDs, which display link, speed, power, and activity, allowing you to quickly identify hardware issues.

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