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Many hotels have installed one or two Cat5 pulls to each room, thinking that this would enable the latest technologies. Unfortunately, the wire isn't the most important part. The key for the SmartRoom Network is to allow all the technologies to exist in one environment, on one wire.

For hotel properties that have made the investment of installing Cat5 wiring, IntraLAN SmartRoom Network LINKS offers an innovative solution to take the final and most important step of enabling the SmartRoom by using simple plug-and-play Jack Pack wall jacks. The Jack Pack provides full SmartRoom Network features such as VLAN network segregation, ZigBee control and management for both networked and non-networked room devices.

"Link Your CAT5 Network to SmartRoom Enabling Adapters, Extenders and Wall Jacks.
With the comprehensive Links solution the SmartRoom Network can take the single Cat5 connection and provide the entire SmartRoom Network solution, at the highest bandwidth available today - up to a Gigabit per room!

LINKS PoE Extenders and Splitters Provide Fast, Easy Rollout and Smart Flexibility.
LINKS offers all the benefits of IntraLAN SmartRoom Network technology with a phased capability. From the minimal downtime and impact of simply installing a wall jack with the appropriate set top box or switch, to the full up enclosure line that has been integrated to enable an assortment of smart room devices.  LINKS provides:

  1. Segregation of clients through PRE-PROGRAMMED VLAN - creating a collection of Virtual Networks running over one physical cable.
  2. 24V inline outdoor PoE cable splitters and 48V PoE cable extenders - both with secure weather-tight housing
  3. Power management of the CONNECTION to the room. With the new SmartPower Bar, full 110V controllable power is available to smart room devices in each guest room.
  4. LINKS Jack Packs for replacement of existing Ethernet wall jacks and providing an advanced 802.3af PoE access point with a Cat5 outlet, VLAN, QoS, and even a ZigBee transceiver that enable the smart room devices and programmable web interface. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

A simple SmartRoom Network Jack Can be Integrated With Your Cat5 Infrastructure.
LINKS Jack Packs replace existing Ethernet wall jacks and provide an advanced 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet access point, with a Cat5 outlet, VLAN, QoS, and even a Zigbee transceiver that enable the SmartRoom devices and programmable web interface. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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