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Implementing the Vision

Implementing the Vision.

This is the purpose of the SmartRoom Network product line. The objective is to create a network infrastructure that is a standard TCP/IP network. The network doesn't represent a simple Cat5 network cable to every location, but a set of wiring and communication infrastructure components. The infrastructure solution, much like the features of the telephone infrastructure, will provide a complete, fully functional, self-managed system for providing a full "command, control and data" network. With the necessary network devices and control points the underlying network infrastructure will create a robust, but vendor independent, network capable of supporting technologies from any vendor - thus creating the open architecture and enabling the same revolutionary advancements in SmartRoom solutions without handcuffing the customer to a vendors closed technologies or overwhelming replacement costs.

The Delivery System VS Deliverables.
While there is significant commonality in the hospitality market the reality is that there are a wide range of details. A large part of the hesitancy of a brand or franchise to make the decision to go forward with SmartRoom solution is that finding a single vendor with a single technology that could efficiently address the entire inventory of a franchise or brand is a daunting task.

One reason is the obvious complexity of coupling the functionality of the system (i.e. lock controls, light controls, set top box management) with the required infrastructure to communicate with everything everywhere. By breaking the problem down into two distinct parts, the functionality of the SmartRoom and, secondarily the infrastructure, then both components become easier to engineer, manufacture and deliver.

IntraLAN SmartRoom Network solutions.
The IntraLAN SmartRoom Network is a product line focused on the infrastructure only. The objective of the SmartRoom Network is to provide a common capability of data, power and control at all properties. The product line has models that can address every hotel configuration, from simple Plain Old Telephones System (POTS) infrastructure to a full "fiber to the room" property. The advantage is that, once implemented then any vendor can easily deploy their solution to operate on the SmartRoom Network without consideration for the underlying technology that implements the infrastructure they are guaranteed that the infrastructure can be commanded and controlled with the obvious considerations for potential data restrictions imposed by the underlying media.

The product line offers three sets of SmartRoom components or devices that address how to successfully field a SmartRoom Network based on the existing capabilities at any given property. The SmartRoom Network has solutions that will:

  • Migrate a legacy hotel with a basic phone system into today's smart room property
  • Integrate the enhanced capabilities at a newer technology hotel (i.e. a property with a minimal Cat 5 infrastructure)
  • Implement the "next generation" hotel (For example a property with fiber to every room), to provide the fully functional SmartRoom

In each of these examples, the objective of the resultant SmartRoom Network is to provide a common network infrastructure that will reliably support the components of a SmartRoom and, most importantly, provide the three most critical components of the infrastructure - Power, Data and Control.

Extending the infrastructure, the SmartRoom Network offers optimization features and accessories. These accessories are only provided to more efficiently extend the infrastructure. For example, the SmartRoom Network product line includes a ZigBee module. ZigBee is a command and control solution most often used for managing end devices like thermostats and lights. While ZigBee may be part of a specific vendor's solution (For example, the lock vendor may provide a ZigBee radio for communicating to the ZigBee radio in the vendor's lock), the SmartRoom Network's ZigBee module is capable of communicating with any vendor's ZigBee device. Thus the SmartRoom Network extends to the devices in the SmartRoom, but isn't specific to any one vendor solution.

The Smart Room Can Now Be Yours.
The goal of the SmartRoom Network is to segregate the underlying infrastructure from the vendor solution. In doing so, we provide a common platform at the property that empowers the decision maker to select the best of breed vendor without concern for extensive facility costs to implement the solution. By removing the infrastructure requirement from the vendor's solution, it begins to open up the hospitality industry to innovative problem solvers, potentially from other industries, versus limiting it to legacy vendors with embedded solutions.

With a multi-tiered product line and a well engineered solution, the SmartRoom Network can be tailored to the entire portfolio of a brand or franchise - supporting a common experience for the guest, increasing the brand's loyalty, and differentiating the brand's key claims.
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